My Childs Sensory Needs

Imagine being at a rave. What goes through your mind? All the lights and the music blasting. Lots going on and lots of "stimulating". Wouldn't you say? Maybe too much stimulation. Now imagine having your sweet newborn baby in your arms. Do you think the lights and music from that rave is what your baby needs?
That is probably the worst analogy known to man but hey it made sense to me. When doing my baby registry I started trying to search on pintrest "holistic registry" or "all natural baby registry". When looking through these blogs I noticed a trend of all wooden baby toys. I'm thinking to myself.. What on earth? Where are all of the baby toys? This stuff is boring. Then I started reading up on the benefits of wooden baby toys. And man did that throw me for a loop. Reading all of these different facts and benefits of wooden toys took my mom mind to a whole other level. It made me sit back and think "Wow what have I been doing to my other kids". But we will save the rest of those thoughts for another story.
The first year of your little ones life is critical for their brain and eye development. The eyes start to coordinate imagines and remember what they have seen. Properly stimulating their sensory needs can increase curiosity, attention span, memory and the nervous system. Of course as a parent you wonder how you can help your children develop. But there are little things in your daily routine that make you not have to over think how you are going to do this.
Babies will be babies and always want to put things in their mouth. The last thing parents need to worry about is what toys to get their baby. Wooden toys have been around since the 20th century and for good reasons. When it comes to your children's toys you want to think about quality over quantity. Some how society has convinced everyone that having a kid means your house has to be filled with an ample amount of toys. Mostly made of chemical filled plastics, batteries and loud music boxes. Of course I want to give my kid everything they want. But at the end of it where do they get those wants from? When we give them toys that challenge their sensory needs and cause them to use their imagination. They stay more engaged and don’t need to move onto the next toy.
Research has proven beech wood to be one of the top three woods that have the highest decrease rate in bacterial titre. A study was done comparing bacterial survival on three surfaces(wood, steel and plastic). They found bacteria survived longest of plastic followed by steel. "Scientist found that three minutes after contaminating a board that 99.9% of the bacteria on the wooden boards had died. While none of the bacteria died on the plastic. Bacterial numbers actually increased on plastic...” With wood being natures creation it has ways it adapts to survive.
Let's go back to that rave from earlier. How does your mind have time to think for it's self if all the music and lights are filling it with overly interactive things. When your baby is looking at the toys with all the flashing lights and different sounds, how do they have time to sit and focus on one thing? There is no doubt that simple, old fashioned wooden toys leave room for a large amount of imagination. Rather then flashy and noisy alternatives. Don't get me wrong there is PLENTY of noise and crazy motions going on in my house. With my little being the current baby of 4. He has lots to look at and hear. But when it comes to just enjoying himself, he likes a slow rocking with some nature sounds and a nice mobile to look at or even just my face if its nursing time. That is not to say that the loud flashy toys are made to act as crazy older siblings... Cause that would be silly.
Just think, when you are trying to be soothed and calm down what would you like? Now if you want to talk about distractions I bet if you dance around and make alot of crazy noise that is going to grab your kids attention. But do you want that to be their norm? Always being distracted? If that's the case then just put them in front of a movie. For me as a mom its about them being simulated and challenged. Don‘t get me wrong, I stick my kids in front of the tv. There is times when I am busy doing something and need to distract them. Sometimes we are busy moms and we just gotta do what we gotta do. But I do want to be confident in saying that I make a effort to better my kids development. With the world we live in we can only control so much of our child's environment. But when it comes to their toys you are in complete control.

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