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Midnight Lambs Charcoal Bamboo Cloth Diaper

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100% all natural / organic charcoal bamboo cloth diaper. These “pocket” or “insert” style diapers make cloth diapering a breeze. Each diaper will come with a charcoal bamboo insert. The charcoal bamboo is a natural anti bacterial and anti fungal. This also makes it great in hiding the smell of odors. The bamboo naturally has absorbing properties that make it the ideal material for cloth diapering. The dark charcoal color is helpful for parents to not have to worry about stubborn stains. The outside is made of 100% polyester to allow your little one to move comfortably. This also is the protective barrier to keep all the moisture for getting to the outside of the diaper. The inside liner contains the charcoal bamboo fibers to absorb the moisture away from your baby and into the diaper. There is no microfiber in our diapers to avoid any un-natural materials coming in contact with your babies skin. The snaps on the outside of the diaper allow for these diapers to grow with your baby. The diaper can comfortable fit 8lbs - 35lbs. The unique stitching around the legs and lower back help avoid any leakage.